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Salem’s Lot


Salems Lot
Inspired by: Stephen Kings famous Salems Lot

Black in colour with glitter flakes

Each pendant is handmade by store owner Emma using resin, dye and glitter!

Pendants are all one of a kind and are limited to one of each.

Pendant size is roughly 30mm

If you miss your chance, please use the contact forum to message us as we will be happy to make you one of your very own! If you LOVE our necklace but maybe the colour just isn't you, please get in touch as we will be happy to make a custom one for you in your chosen colour. - Please note in both these circumstances that each necklace takes around 72 hours for full completion, so please take this into consideration if you are in a rush to receive a custom order.

All items will vary slightly due to the nature of the resin. No two pieces are exactly the same!